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A Pre-School plays a significant part in shaping the future personality of the child. Apart from basic education our School is a center for learning good habits, manners and etiquettes which has an everlasting impact The most important Years of learning begin right from the birth.During the early years Humans are capable of absorbing more information than later on. 

High quality dedicated teachers and special method of teaching can have a long term effect on improving outcomes for the children. We observe standards for structure, administration, class size, student-teacher ratio, quality of classroom teaching, teacher child interactions, curriculum and assessments.Curricullum is specially designed for different age groups. 

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School Readiness   Behavior management is a major part of preschool learning.  Children learn patience, how to raise their hands and take turns. Children also learn how to share the teacher’s attention.    Children also learn about routine, following directions and waiting. We help children find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

Mrs. Neogi — Principal

Stages of Learning

   Settlers – 1.8yrs – 2.5yrs 

Nursery -2.5yrs – 3.5yrs

   Jr. KG-  3.5yrs – 4.5yrs

Sr. KG – 4.5yrs- 5.5 yrs



Social And Emotional Development

Here children will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development. Children learn how to compromise, be respectful and problem solve. We provide an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self-confidence.

Language And Cognitive Skills

Children’s language skills are nurtured in a “language-rich” environment. In a classroom setting, teachers help children strengthen their language skills by introducing new vocabulary during MCT , art, tiffin time, and other activities. Teachers engage students with thought-provoking questions to give them opportunities to learn language through singing, talking about surroundings.

School Readiness

Behavior management is a major part of preschool learning. Children learn patience, how to raise their hands and take turns. Children also learn how to share the teacher's attention. Children also learn about routine, following directions and waiting. We help children find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.


Here pre-math and pre-literacy skills are introduced. Children are taught numbers and letters, but it is taught in a way that is appealing to children at that age. Children sing an alphabet song while following along in a picture book or learn rhymes and chants, which help them to notice the distinct sounds within words. Teachers read stories to children to encourage their listening, comprehension, and expressive language skills. Matching , sorting and counting games build children’s understanding of numbers, and sequences. Putting puzzles together encourages children to notice patterns and to work on problem-solving skills. Children learn best through activities they find interesting, such as songs, storytime, and imaginative play.


Here children learn they can actually do things for themselves. Children will learn to wash their hands, go to the washroom and take off their shoes without an adult's help Learning new skills helps builds confidence.

Physical Activities

Walking. Dancing. Yoga Classes and much much more.

Brain Activities

Abacus..jigsaw puzzle. ... vocabulary. ... ..Learning new skill. ... Co-ordination with music..etc


Drawing With Oil Pastel. ...Drawing Games. ...Playdough Modelling. ... Marble Painting. ... Water Balloon Painting.

Development Ensured
Development Index 90%


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